From Toyota to Mitsubishi?

I bought a Model S… 4 years ago already! It seems that time flies faster the older you get.  During this period, I got so passionate about Elon Musk’s businesses, that I wrote a blog on my experience owning this car. Being an early adopter is fun, but can sometimes be problematic. My intention was to keep my Model S for 10 years like I usually do with my cars, but I ended up exchanging it for a Toyota Corolla after 3 years. You can read my experience here.

My interest for the electrification of the car industry is not dead.  Unfortunately, It is still impossible today to buy a reasonably priced long range electric SUV, and, in 2017, it does not feel right to me, to buy a gas-only SUV.

I love Toyota as a company but why would I buy a RAV4 hybrid or  Highlander hybrid when I can do 90% of my driving in pure electric mode? That is why I want to turn to plug-in hybrids.  In Canada, the only available ones are from companies like Volvo, BMW and Porche. Like I mentioned in my previous blog, I am not into luxury cars but now that the Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in is coming to America in December, I am seriously considering it.





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